Weird, but lovable…


Hey there!

We are bookwise, lovely to meet you.

More precisely, we are Paula and Lisa and we really love books. That is basically all there is to know about us. Books brought us together, since we both study Mediapublishing in Stuttgart (Yes, we are German, deal with it) and at last they brought us here. To this project and this website. And apparently, these books brought you as well. Therefore, just go grab a cookie and a steaming cup of tea, or coffee – whatever works for you – and join us for a read.

We would like to share our latest reads with you – our opinions, thoughts and feelings. You will be able to find these reviews on this very website. Moreover, you will find the occasional book tag as well. Other than that, we will post everything exciting on our Twitter and Instgram 🙂 Ever so often we would like to take the chance to adress current topics of book industry. Due to our studies we do have certain insights which, we would like to share with you.

Long story short, let’s read some books and enjoy them together!


Yours truly,

bookwise aka Paula & Lisa

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