Heir to the Sky

Amanda Sun

As always, I fell in love with the cover first, then the synopsis intrigued me. But I had to wait a couple of weeks, until the book was released. When I finally held the book in my hands and started to read it…well to be frank, I had forgotten what the book was about. I vaguely remembered something about a world in the skies, high above our known world. Therefore, I think I expected some sort of dystopian novel…what I got was something totally different. Yet, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.


Heir to the Sky is indeed a story about an heir to the sky. Duh. To be more precise, it is the story of Princess Kallima, aka Kali, of Ashra. A floating continent, whose people – lead by Kali’s father the Monarch, believe in the deity of a Phoenix. She, yes…it’s a she, felt mercy for Kali’s people a rescued them from the monster infestet earth by raising them into the sky. Monsters. Yeah, not so dystopian anymore. The monsters described rather fit into the Harry Potter World or in the RPG The Witcher and suddently I saw the book as what it was…simply a fantasy novel. The story evolves around Kali and how she learns a truth she can’t quite understand, while dealing with an arranged marriage she is not really content with. Same old, same old. The interesting part starts when Kali attempts to rescue her financé and finds herself falling over the edge of her continent.

In German I would say: Kali ist am Boden der Tatsachen angekommen, wortwörtlich. But that doesn’t translate well into English, so I guess you have to wonder, why that sentence is funny ;P It basically means, Kali fell. Deep. Onto the ground. Where the monsters live. Don’t worry, I’ll stop right here before it gets to spoilery (Is that even a word? I don’t care, it is now.). Read it yourself, if you want to know, whether or not Kali finds not only her way up again but also the truth about her floating continent.

Style and Characters

Let’s head away from the content a look at its package. No, I won’t drool over the cover again – although it is quite stunning, isn’t it? I want to say a few words about how the story is delivered. The writing style of Amanda Sun is quite pleasant. It is not over the top amazing but it gets the job done and the story paces rather quickly. Heir to the Sky was not only a fast read because it’s thin, but furthermore because one events follows the other.

Sun’s characters are steorotypical, not over-exaggerated, but while reading you might feel like they are similar to other characters you’ve met before. Still, I have to point out that the characters do feel real! They’re are not shallow and one can relate to them and understands why they do what they do. Sometimes. But well, I am not living on a floating continent, so how could I truly relate 😉


I don’t love it, but it’s a solid read. The turn of events in the later part is sometimes rather sudden, a bit exaggerated and not very well explained. Heir to the Sky is predictable to the end. It is fast paced with a lot of action. It has steorotypical characters with the usual developments. The world however is innovative and interesting, it surely deserved more pages. If don’t mind its predictability, you might like this book more than I did.


Rating: 4/10

– Lisa –

Title: Heir to the Sky
Author: Amanda Sun
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
ISBN: 978-0373211913

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