The Shadow Queen


Lorelai is the true princess. But for six years she has to hide. After her mothers sister, Irina, married her father she believed her familie restored. But Irina is a mardushka, a witch. And even though Lorelai has magical powers of her own, Irina bewitched not only her father but her whole kingdom. After her fathers death Lorelei has to go into hiding, together with her younger brother Leo and her Companion Gabril.

Kol is a prince. Not by choice but be the death of his father and his older brother.With his kingdom under attack by trolles and more of his shape shifting dragon warriors killed every day he turns to the only kingdom he thinks that can help him: Ravenspire and his queen Irina.

While Lorelei is on a quest to save her kingdom from the evil mardushka, Kol tries to gain Irinas favour.

It’s a fairytale and a retelling of the classic snow white.


It was disappointing. I had my eyes on this book for months, thinking about ordering and loving the cover. But the story itself was, let’s say not that spectacular.

There were so many things happening at once, and way to quickly. There was great potential, but it wasn’t thought through. The characters were dull and simple. They pretty much had a sterotype they had to fill. Lorelai the strong, unladylike princess. Leo, her funny, goofy brother. Kol, the foreign prince and childish boy until he has to be responsible for his kingdom. Gabriel, the fatherly figure.

The only character with a bit more depth, was Irina.

The only good thing I could find while reading was that C. J. Redwine found good endings for her chapters. While reading one at times I was so bored, when I thought about closing the book and putting it aside, but I carried on till the end of the chapter and was hoocked again. If not for the cliffhangers at each chapter I doubt I would have finished the book at all.

I am interested if the next book is going to have more story, though I find that hard to believe. Maybe the other kingdoms on the map in front of the book will play a part, since there are like six, but only two important for The Shadow Queen. And maybe there are going to be other fairytales included in the same way as the Lunar Chronicles.

I guess we have to wait, but I definitely won’t spend another 18€ on book two.


Rating: 2/10

– Paula –


Titel: The shadow Queen
Autor: C. J. Redwine
Verlag: Balzer + Bray
ISBN: 978-0-06-236024-3



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