Made you up

Francesca Zappia


Do you remember your first love? Remember the first thing you noticed about him? Even now, maybe years later you remember the feeling.

But what if you aren’t sure he is real?

Well that is exactly how Alex feels, meeting a boy with incredible blue eyes in the middle of a supermarket. But here is the problem: Shortly after Alex is diagnose with schizophrenia. For Alex everything is colourful and she can’t be sure what is real and what isn’t. Including the Boy she just met. In combination with Alex’ paranoia she starts to fear not only Nazis taking over the world but Communist as well.

Needless to say: Alex life could have been easier. So after enrolling into a new school she tries really hard to fit in and not let other people see that she is different. Telling herself that the boy with the blue eyes were only a part of her imagination. That is until she meets Miles. Immediately she recognises his eyes, but he is nothing like the boy she met years ago. So Alex does what she does best: She doubts.


I really like the cover. It’s different. Might not fit perfectly to the story but it was one reason I brought this book.

But let’s be clear: I only like the front! As much as I enjoy the blue-rainy-semi depressing optic, I despise the teeny pink. What I dislike the most is the picture of the girl. It doesn’t fit with the front drawing at all.


I loved the story. If you’re into contemporary you are going to enjoy this read. Why I loved it you may ask. Easy: It is (just like the cover) something different. Of course you got the female lead falling in love and going through school drama, but you never know what is real and what isn’t. Alex as a main character is likeable and even loveable when she starts to ask her magic 8 Ball for answers.

This book is not only about love but finding friends who accept you for who you are and stand beside you even when times are hard.

So if you’re looking for easy read with confuses you, makes you laugh and in the end lets you put the book aside and thing to yourself: “Oh! I it’s already half past three!”  then this is the book for you.

What I thought after reading this book? – “I wish I could have Made you up


Rating: 9/10 

– Paula –

Title: Made you up
Author: Francesca Zappia
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
ISBN: 9780062290106

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