Melissa Landers

Imagine a world where humans managed to populated the universe. Where, after you committed a crime, your hands get tattooed to mark you for live. Where Pirates are hunting through space. Got it? Great, ‘cause that’s the setting Melissa Landers choose for her novel Starflight.

I know: we should not judge a book by it’s cover. But I guess it’s okay to make an exception if the cover fits to the story as perfectly as in this case! I love the dark cold spaceblue and the golden spacesparkels (and yes everything gets more interesting if you add the word space in front of it – as Clara from Dr Who). It just is so dynamic and don’t get me started with about the texture! (By the way all statments are refering to the Hardcover)

But enough about the outside it’s on the inside what counts (Pretty much adaptable to everything. Humans, fruit, a bag of gummies). So let me give you a quick summary of the story: After just finishing school Solara Brooks needs to get on to a spaceship to the outer realms of the universe, to get to her new job, but the marks on here hands prove to make things a little bit complicated. So when her arch nemesis from school, Doran Spaulding, offers her a job on his ship, she only hesitates for a minute before taking it. BIG MISTAKE! For the next weeks he torments her making her take care of even the smallest of his things and the lowest of work. Obviously, when Solara sees a way out, she takes it. Deleting Dorans memories and kidnapping him and his money during the process. NOW That’s where the story gets interesting, ‘cause every crewmember on the Banshee (that’s the name of the ship Solara flees on) got his or her own secret backstory and are loveable in their one way. As you might have guessed there is a romance growing between Solara und Doran, but I wouldn’t just recommend this book based on the love story. There is action, adventure and just the right amount of silliness included to make you smile.

I really enjoyed the book, even though the ending wasn’t my favourite. Don’t worry I am not going to spoil the story, but feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about it. Did you guys read Melissas other novels? If so let me know if they are good enough to help me past the time for book two ;).


Rating: 7 out of 10

– Paula –

Title: Starflight
Author: Melissa Landers
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN: 9781484723241

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