The Forbidden Wish

Jessica Khoury

WOW what a read!

Save to say I enjoyed it. But let’s start at the beginning, which would be the buying process. To be completely truthful, the main reason for me to buy the book was that it wasn’t a sequel. I mean, I liked the story and the cover as well, but I thought to myself: “hey, there are so many books on the market being part of a series and here is one, you can read an finish and don’t have to wait for a year till the next on comes out”. So in a matter of minutes, it was put in to the basket and shipped to my nearest bookstore.

But before I start talking about the story let’s review the features, shall we? I brought the Hardcover version btw and I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled when I finally had the book in my hands. The cover is too plastic and underneath it was just plaine. The only bonus are the golden printed letters on its back. If I had seen it in a store, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. Still the cover design is fairly pretty (even though there is a face on it, which – to be honest – does rarely appeal to me) and the colours work quit well, but still – the paperback version would have been enough. If we would rate the cover (and I am totally for a Cover of the Month Award – Lisa) I would rate it a 6 out of 10.

Moving on the really important stuff: the story. The reader follows the Jinni Zahra, who has been trapped inside her lamp for round about 400 years, when finally a young boy finds her. At this point some of you might think: “hey, that sounds familiar” and you guys are right. ‘cause this story is a retelling of the fairy-tale Aladdin. And as we all know, after rubbing the lamp Zahra has to grant Aladdin three wishes. This is where the story we know changes, because Zahra is in fact a girl and the land has been haunted by war. Jinn and humans have been fighting against each other for decades. Sadly Zahra herself has started the war and since then she has been hated by the humans and hunted by her one kind. With Zahras help Aladdin, a thief and the son of a revolutionary, tries to marry the princess. Only to get revenge on his enemy: the brother of the King as well as his son. Zahra is on her own mission for freedom. The Jinn King promised to release her from her lamp for forever if she can save his son, who has been captured be the humans.What both of them didn’t expect was there fondness growing into love.A love forbidden by the Jinn and the gods. A love that Zahra had promised herself never to feel again. A love that might bring Aladdin to wish the forbidden wish.

I really did like to read the book. It has a really good climax an enough story that you could stretch it into three books, but it’s not and I enjoyed that. Somewhere around the middle I thought: “if it was a series that would be the point where book one would have ended” and I continued reading happily. I also liked that Zahra sometimes talks to an old deceased friend in her mind, making it feel more personal and interesting during the read.

Even though I liked it, there was a deeps I was missing, with could be traced back to the main reason I brought the book. As the reader you only get to see the surface but not really enter into the different characters history. But it is still a book I would recommend to any fan of the Disney movie and everyone how is as sick of sequels as I am (but don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind Throne of Glass going on for forever).


Rating: 8 out of 10

– Paula –


Title: The Forbidden Wish
Author: Jessica Khoury
Publisher: Razorbill
ISBN: 9781595147677

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